There is a reason why we at Cabrera Steakhouse have adorned our walls with Cardwells brilliant photographs, simply for the fact that they are well…brilliant. If you are looking for an authentic lunch or dinner experience with excellent food, delicious wine and a cultured ambience where you can see some of Keith’s best work displayed, head down to Cabrera and take it all in, we can guarantee you’ll be running off to Greenwich Market this Saturday to purchase a photograph of your own.

Who is Keith Cardwell?

Keith was born in the UK, growing up he had a keen interest in art and photography. He studied art at Leeds and at Goldsmiths University in London. Keith started photography in 1978 and has since achieved professorships in Guangxi, China and Savannah, GA. His plethora of experience and deep commitment and passion to photography has seen him working with top newspaper and magazine editors from around the world, including The Guardian and The Observer.

Cardwell was the first British photographer to exhibit his work in Havana, where his most famous series of photographs were shot. He curated, as well as exhibited in, “Cuba Sí – 50 Years of Cuban Photography,” National Theatre, London (2000) and ten venues throughout the world.

Why Cuba?

Keith’s love affair with Cuba started back in 1997. While lecturing in Savannah, he took every opportunity he could get to visit the island. Keith’s work is easily identifiable by his ability to capture the very essence of a fleeting moment, ingrained in time forever.

Keith once described himself as a pickpocket –photographer, a technique he learnt as a way of dealing with people who were reluctant to having their picture taken.

Keith describes his intrigue with Cuba in his book, Cubana: The Buena Vista Years published in 2004;

“It seems to me that I have been preparing all my life to make photographs of the Cuban experience. I have the language. I know how to make pictures, and Cuba provides me with the voice. The very essence, the core of this work, lies in the loss that will inevitably occur when Fidel Castro dies. His dreams have become reality on this magical island, and at best the photographs oscillate between reality and mystery – in short, Cubana.”

Cabrera and Keith Cardwell

As you can tell…we are a huge fan of Keith’s work and are lucky enough to own some of his photographs, book now for not only an incredible meal, but an ambience and cultured experience you won’t forget.