Introducing Inedit beer…

We are extremely intrigued and excited to introduce Chef Ferrans Adrià’s new beer, Inedit, brewed by Damm, to Cabrera.

As we have always been huge fans of the ‘beer of Barcelona,’ Estrella Damm, we just knew we had to give Inedit a try.  A beer as unique as its brewing, is not commonly available outside of London and we are thrilled to be one of the few restaurants who stock it.

What does the name Inedit mean?

Inedit means “never been done before”

Origins of the beer

Inedit was born in 2008 from the awareness of the need for a beer to accompany elegant gastronomy, full of contrasts and nuanced flavours.

It was created jointly by Damm’s master brewers, Chef Ferran Adrian and the team of sommeliers at elBulli.

According to Adria, perfecting the beer, which took over two years, “was very easy and difficult at the same time” as he knew exactly what he wanted from the beer.

Chef Adria realised there was a gap in the market between mass beer and the strong Belgian type of beer, therefore, aimed to create a lip-smacking beer that would be able to be paired with food and belong somewhere in between the two different styles.

Appearance of Inedit

The designers at the Spanish Estrella Damm brewery have made a chic, elegant bottle that resembles, dare we say it, a bottle of champagne. The beer is sold in 0.75 litre bottles, 4.8 abv. The recommended serving temperature is 4 degrees and should be served in a white wine glass and kept on the table in an ice bucket.

All of this, including the price tag, is the epitome of sophistication, however, what does the beer actually taste like?

On first taste:

Its cloudiness and somewhat lighter colour, with amber tones set it apart from other beers. The colour of its coupage: a mixture of wheat and malted barley. The head returns every time you pour.

Intense and complex on the nose. Its sweet spices and fruity notes combine with fresh yeastiness and flowery sensations. The infusion of coriander, liquorice and orange peel permeates the impression on the palate.

Its subtle, well-integrated carbonation perfectly highlights these tastes in the mouth. It is creamy, soft and versatile in food pairings. You will enjoy a long, pleasant aftertaste.

Is it worth the hype?

So, to answer the question, yes, yes and yes again! We love this beer by the Damm, and it is definitely something that both beer lovers and wine lovers will enjoy.

Are you a beer lover? A wine lover? Both?

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Inedit Damm Awards:

Gold Medal 2009 & 2014, World Beer Championships, Chicago USA

Silver Medal 2011 & 2012, World Beer Championships, Chicago, USA

Gold Media 2009, European Beer Star, Nuremberg, Germany

Europe’s Best Spiced Wheat Beer 2010, World Beer Awards, London, UK

Silver Medal 2012, International Beer Challenge, London, UK

Bronze Medal 2009, Helsinki Beer Festival, Helsinki, Finland

Two Stars 2009, 2011, 2012 & 2013, Superior Taste Awards, Brussels, Belgium

Silver Medal 2012, Australian International Beer Awards, Sydney, Australia

Bronze Medal 2010 & 2011, Australian International Beer Awards, Sydney, Australia

Bronze Medal 2011, Australian International Beer Awards, Sydney, Australia