How to choose a good, succulent steak

Nothing beats the taste of a tender cut of prime beef. Our chefs here at Cabrera attribute the exceptional beef served not just to their technique of cooking, but to electing the best cuts of beef.

So, what do our experts say on how to choose the best cut, to guarantee a steak dinner full of flavour?  Before reaching the butcher, we like to ensure our beef is grass fed as a natural diet promotes rich flavour. We pride ourselves on selecting impeccably aged meat for our guests, to be certain that all the best flavours are sealed in to enrich the meat.

Tender and lean

For those who prefer a more tender cut of beef, we recommend our famous fillet steak. Beautifully cut, this lean steak best cooked medium- rare only requires a few minutes in the pan. This scrumptious steak pairs perfectly with our 2014 Cantos de Valpiedra Rioja.

Moist and delicious

If your someone who would rather a little more fat on your steak but still want to keep that tender texture then a sirloin is the best choice for you; our sirloin steaks are selected flawlessly marbled to give you a moist, delicious steak. Our sirloin steak is best complimented with a 2014 Lapostolle Cuvee Alexandre, Syrah from Chile which brings out the delicate taste.

Juicy and flavoursome

The most flavorous cut of beef is the rib-eye; this old favourite served medium rare/medium will send your tastebuds into a frenzy. We choose our rib-eye steaks based on the high level of marbling which offers a mouth-watering, juicy taste. Treat yourself to a bottle of our Argentinian 2018 Bodega Norton Altura Pinot Noir for a match made in heaven.

Don’t wait to taste one of our luscious selections of prime cuts, you can view our menus and book a table online today or call us on 0208 318 1888.