The charcoal VS gas debate is getting heated!

Have you ever wondered how we get our steak so deliciously tender and juicy?

In this blog we highlight what is a synergy grill, why our top chefs at Cabrera love it and why we choose gas over charcoal – every time.

What is a synergy grill?

A synergy grill is a unique, all British designed chargrill and griddle.

Combining only the very best of British Industry, the steel is sourced from Soham, the cast iron from Dudley, the ceramics from across the U.K and the grills are put together in St. Neots.

The Synergy grill is the perfect option for Cabrera as it is tailored to meet the demands of a fully functional restaurant, allowing us to prepare food faster at half the energy costs.

Based in Cambridgeshire and founded by Justin Cadbury, the synergy grill has received international acclaim from countries such as Australasia, the Middle East and South Africa.  The grill has won over international audiences for its emphasis on global development and sustainability with a committed focus to energy efficiency.

So…what does it do?

The grill combines high power and low energy consumption, using less than 59% gas than a normal grill. It is fuel injected which means it give 100% combustion, a healthier food product and maximum caramelisation with locked in moisture. It also has a lower fire risk due to much cleaner ventilation shafts.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of a synergy grill are unparalleled:

  • Superior food quality
  • High heat
  • Its pays for itself
  • Its quick to clean
  • No fat trays
  • Less strain on extraction
  • Its simple and easy to operate
  • Safe to sue

Charcoal Vs Gas?

Although charcoal is similarly priced, it has much higher running costs. The Synergy grill has lower running cost, it’s better for the environment and its fuel injected. Charcoal may be great for smoking food; however, it is difficult to control the temperature and loses heat quickly.

The Synergy Gas grill offers a more versatile cooking experience with multiple burners, allowing us at Cabrera to get those mouth-watering steaks, to your plate, on time and at the perfect temperature. While charcoal grills take a while to heat up – the synergy grill is cooking ready in 5 minutes and its simple and easy to clean.

We at Cabrera, are passionate about sustainability and helping to ensure we look after our environment which is why we think it’s the perfect, quality option for our customers.

If all this reading has made you hungry, take a look at our menu and come down to Cabrera and test out one of our delicious meals.

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