Cabrera’s 5 Top Tips for Grilling Steak by our very own Chef, Jorge Rodriquez.

Not only does our incredible Chef, Jorge, have many years of industry experience when it comes to excellent food, but his steak was recently rated “Best Steak in London” by Open Table 2019. Cool right? We know! With an accolade like that how could we not share his wealth of knowledge with the world? So here you have it, Jorge’s Top tips for grilling the perfect piece of Steak:

Tip 1 – Origin

The origin of meat depicts the quality. At Cabrera we use only the highest quality Argentinian beef, from cows that roam and graze on the Pampas plains that surround Buenos Aires. To be certain you are getting a prised piece of meat, make sure it originates from a reputable source and supplier (even if it costs a little bit extra, trust us, it will be worth it.)

Tip 2 – Ageing

Beef ageing is the biochemical process which breaks downs the meats connective tissue making it tender. Beef ageing is done to ensure a rich, gamey flavour is achieved. The real beef flavour can be achieved after 11 days of ageing and with the increasing ageing time, the favour of the beef also increases ** cue hunger pangs. **

We at Cabrera ensure our steak is aged just right to give our customers a tender, delicious piece of meat. Jorge’s advice? Be sure to check the age of the meat and keep in mind how tender you want your steak to be. If you would like a stronger “gamey” flavour, pick a piece of meat that has been aged a little longer.

Tip 3 – Seasoning

At Cabrera we believe simplicity is KEY! Jorge’s favourite two words when it comes to grilling the perfect piece of steak are; “Salt and Olive Oil!”

Salt is an essential part of grilling steak as it draws out the strong meat flavour, while Olive Oil locks in the moisture of the meat – keeping it tender and juicy! Now if that doesn’t make you hungry – I don’t know what will.

Tip 4 – Trimming

According to Jorge, the most important fat in the steak is the fat in it, not around it. By reducing the outside fat to a thin strip, you will help the steak cook evenly. Trimming down this excess fat will also reduce the risk of flare-ups and the amount of fat drippings that collect in your grill.

 Tip 5 – Grilling

Speaking of the grill, Jorge’s final, essential, tip for grilling the PERFECT piece of steak is to ensure the grill that you are using is of good quality. At Cabrera we use a synergy grill. We love it because the grill atomises fat and therefore the natural oils are returned to the food, providing continual self-basting. This ensures less moisture is lost during the cooking process – giving our customers succulent, delicious steak. Now we understand that kitchen equipment can be costly and not everyone can afford a brand-new grill… but Jorge suggests buying the best one you can afford, as it will make all the difference to your food.

Has this post made you hungry? Why not come down to Cabrera and  we will grill you succulent steak to your liking!

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