What is the difference between Rib eye, Sirloin Steak and Fillet Steak?

When it comes to knowing the difference between various steak cuts, not everyone is an expert. Can’t tell the difference between rib eye and sirloin? We’re here to explain the difference.

This is something we get asked on a daily basis, so we decided to write a rough guide highlighting the various differences and how you can tell them apart in the future.

Rib eye Steak

As the name would suggest, rib eye steak comes from the cow’s rib section. This meat cut is an old classic which is incredibly tender and has a wonderful rich flavour. As there are pockets of fat in the steak, it is also great for roasting as a joint.

Rib eye steak is best cooked with the bone intact and it is recommended you serve it medium rare to medium. Cooking it on a scorching hot surface is essential. A pro tip is to leave the meat to rest after cooking, this ensures you seal in all of the juicy goodness.

Sirloin Steak

This popular cut of meat comes from the upper middle of the cow, behind the ribs but ahead of the rump area.  This is the same area that T-Bone and top sirloin cuts originate. As opposed to the shoulder or shank, the sirloin part of the cow does not do that much and is therefore well marbled with fat and very tender.

It is important to note that “sirloin” refers to a large cut of steak that gets cut into several other types of steak. As a very popular cut of meat, sirloin cuts are often the leaner parts of steak, with high protein and low fat content.

Fillet Steak

A fillet steak is the tenderest cut of meat out of all the steaks. The boneless cut of beef comes from the tenderloin. The centre cut of the fillet is the prime part of the cut and often the most expensive, the tail end is usually cut off and used for dishes such as stroganoff, or can be flattened for sandwich steaks. The butt end of the fillet is usually called Chateaubriand.

When selecting a fillet steak, it is important to look out for a steak with a blueish membrane around it. This is known as the silverskin and it should be removed before cooking as it tends to tighten and render the steak tough.

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