These mouth-watering facts will have you ditching the protein shakes in search of some high-protein beef, cooked to your desired level at Cabrera.

Cabrera beef is grass-fed making it a healthier option, than grain-fed beef, with a higher vitamin E and protein content. Although, it contains less fat however like any other food it should be eaten in moderation.

1. Boost your confidence and savings

Beef contains the vitamin B-2, which helps make collagen, a structural protein, which provides the elasticity needed to keep your skin firm and flawless!

2. Calorie cutting the comfortable way

Although red meat is commonly linked to weight gain and high cholesterol, steak contains CLA which is proven to cut body fat percentages. As a protein-loaded meat, steak also intensifies the feeling of fullness, therefore reducing further calorie consumption.

3. Excellent for maintaining muscle mass

Beef is a high-protein meat preventing muscle deterioration with age. Not eating steak or protein enriched foods could be harmful to your health, leading to fatigue and muscular wear and tear as protein is essential when repairing your damaged cells.

4. A way to control your children that doesn’t involve screens

High levels of vitamin B-6 are found in steak. This vitamin assists in serotonin and norepinephrine synthesis, the chemicals helping to stabilise energy and concentration levels. Attention- related disorders are commonly linked to low serotonin.

5. Avoid a sugar rush

Sugar absorbance can be slowed by the intake of proteins, making steak the ideal candidate to prevent sharp fluctuations in blood glucose levels which can be linked to type 2 diabetes.

6. Steer clear of headaches

A trusty component of steak is Riboflavin. Riboflavin not only plays a vital role in supporting your metabolism, it is also proven to prevent headaches. It can also reduce the frequency of migraines, as well as their length and symptoms.

The high protein levels can also keep any illnesses at bay, as protein is essential in antibody production. An antibody’s role is to engulf harmful pathogens in your body, ultimately preventing you from getting sick.

By eating steak and consequently upping your iron intake you can increases your chances of a healthier pregnancy, whilst reducing chances of anemia. Stirling-Reed of SR Nutrition and a fellow of the Association for Nutrition states “a number of groups in the UK have low intakes of iron, red meat can play a beneficial role in reducing the risk of iron deficiency anaemia.”

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